Composite Fillings

Composite Tooth Colored Fillings For A Natural Smile

For many years, silver type fillings, or what is called silver amalgam fillings, was used to fill teeth that had decay or had slightly cracked.  Even though this material did the job, the silver color was unsightly in the mouth.  Some people were even afraid or embarrassed to smile as a result.

A really beautiful looking solution has evolved that give the teeth a more natural look called “Composite Tooth Colored Fillings.”  This solution is a significant upgrade over the silver fillings and deliver fantastic and attractive results.  Most people will never even notice that you have fillings in your teeth at all. They are made from a resin (a silicon dioxide-filled plastic mixture) material that is bonded to your tooth.  Most of all, these natural fillings are durable and beautiful.

So what are some of the advantages that composite fillings have over the silver type fillings:

  • Composites can be matched to the color of your natural tooth’s shade.
  • Composites can last from 7-10 years (depending on your at-home oral hygiene regimen).
  • We normally don’t have to remove to much of the tooth’s structure. It’s always best to be as conservative as possible, which means we strive to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible.  This is true of what ever procedure we may perform.
  • The composite bond produces a strong support for your tooth, which means it’s less susceptible to breakage and temperature changes.
  • Composites have minimal, post-operative consequences. There may be some sensitivity afterwards but it normally subsides quickly.

Dr. Schowengerdt uses composite fillings to repair teeth that have been affected by minor tooth decay, fractures, or cracks. In a single appointment, Dr. Schowengerdt will remove the compromised portion of the tooth and clean and fill the remaining tooth with the composite filling. If you would like to learn more about your aesthetic options for restoring a tooth, please contact our Nevada, MO dental practice today.

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