MI Paste

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?  There Is A Solution.

To help protect your teeth, we offer MI Paste. This professional dental product uses recaldent™, an ingredient derived from milk protein, to help repair mineral imbalances on your teeth, improve the flow of your saliva and fluoride uptake, and soothe sensitive surfaces. MI Paste should be used:

  • After a whitening procedure
  • During or after orthodontic treatment
  • By children under the age of 7
  • By pregnant women
  • To desensitize the teeth
  • To provide added protection for the teeth

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus relieve sensitivity by protecting dental nerve endings by forming a buffer against plaque. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus can also help redeposit those lost minerals back into the oral environment. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are excellent for tooth sensitivity due to cold air, hot and cold drinks, sweet and sour food or drinks.

If you have sensitive teeth and you are looking for a solution, then MI Paste may work for you.  Contact us today for a consultation at (417) 667-7134.

*Note:  Information about MI Paste and MI Paste Plus Supplied By Their Website.

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