Perio Protect

What Is Perio Protect?

Perio Protect® is a treatment method for individual patients to help manage biofilms which are communities of bacteria, growing in the spaces or pockets between teeth and gum tissue. The overall goal of the Perio Protect Method™ of treatment is to manage oral biofilm with the most minimally invasive dentistry possible for long-lasting oral health.

Oral bacteria can be very serious and if left untreated it can lead to further health problems.  Normal cleanings in the office such as scaling and root planning remove plaque and bacteria but the bacteria reproduce quickly in between cleanings.  This system of protection can help you keep your gums and teeth healthier in between cleanings.  Many patients report that their mouths feel cleaner and healthier.

We will work with you in our office to help you achieve the best result possible.  To find out more about periodontal disease and its treatment go here.

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